Fighting Wage Suppression for Au Pairs: Beltran, et al v. Interexchange, Inc., et al

Towards Justice attacks systemic injustices that undermine the bargaining power and working conditions of marginalized workers. In 2014, Towards Justice filed a case on behalf of a nationwide class of tens of thousands of childcare workers who worked in the U.S. on J-1 au pair visas. They brought claims of price fixing, racketeering, and wage theft against fifteen U.S. Department of State-designated “cultural exchange” sponsor organizations. Plaintiffs charged that these sponsors acted as a cartel to illegally set au pair wages far below the market rate and that some sponsors fraudulently misled potential au pairs in violation of racketeering and consumer protection laws. The plaintiffs prevailed on several threshold legal issues and certified a class of tens of thousands. On the eve of trial, the plaintiffs announced that they had entered into a settlement with the defendants that would require the payment of $65.6 million in damages and several changes in the industry. Towards Justice represents the plaintiffs with co-counsel Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP. In 2019, the Court preliminarily approved a settlement.

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Case Documents

Magistrate Recommendation re: Motion to Dismiss

Order Denying Motion to Dismiss

Class Certification Order

Motion for Preliminary Approval


Press Release


3/19/2015 Vulnerable Child Care Workers Sue for Collusion and Fraud in Nationwide Au Pair Program


3/7/2019 $65.5M au pair settlement in Denver lawsuit would be divided up under formula

1/10/2019 $65.5 M au pair deal would be divided up under formula

1/9/2019 Thousands of au pairs could share in $65.5 million U.S. settlement

1/9/2019 Au pairs win $65.5 million settlement in Denver lawsuit

1/9/2019 Au Pairs Reach $65.5 Million Settlement Over Wages

1/9/2019 Au Pair Sponsor Agencies Settle Wage Lawsuit, Offer $65.5 Million In Back Pay

8/28/2018 Long Hours, Low Wages and Lawsuits Plague the Federal Au Pair Program

3/30/2018 Au Pairs, an International Class of Domestic Workers, Are Suing for Labor Protections 

2/13/2018 Au Pair Class Action Could Upend Decades-Old Program

3/31/2017 Au Pairs Get Conditional Cert. In Wage-Fixing Action

11/5/2016 Host of problems

11/3/2016 Are au pairs cultural ambassadors or low-wage nannies? A lawsuit enters the fray

7/28/2015 This lawsuit over au pair wages is hardly child’s play

7/25/2015 Can Au Pairs Legally Be Paid Less Than $5 An Hour?

7/14/2015 Au pairs backed by Boies Schiller move to keep antitrust case alive

7/13/2015 Au Pairs Fight To Keep Wage-Fixing Class Action Alive

7/13/2015 Au pairs claim price fixing, wage theft in suit filed in Colorado; local group among those named

7/6/2015 Au pairs with J-1 visas sue sponsor agencies

4/20/2015 Au Pair Companies Want Out Of J-1 Visa Wage-Fixing Suit

3/20/2015 Au pairs provide cheap childcare. Maybe illegally cheap.

3/20/2015 Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Criminally Low Pay For Colorado Domestic Workers


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Preventing Careless Data Collection from Limiting Job Prospects: Gambles, Merck & Compo v. Sterling Infosystems, Inc.

Towards Justice fights to combat the misuse of big data to harm low-wage workers. Sterling Infosystems, Inc. provides background check services to large employers, including Wal-Mart. Background or credit checks produced by companies like Sterling can reveal intensely personal information and have a significant impact on access to credit and employment prospects. Inaccuracies in background check information are common and have a particularly harsh impact on low-income people and people of color. For example, our clients allege that Sterling’s background checks provided to potential employers designated untraditional addresses, which are more likely to be used as mailing addresses by low-income people, as “high risk indicators,” including addresses that appeared to correspond with hotels, motels, rooming houses, boarding houses, or personal care facilities. Our clients also allege that systematic inaccuracies in Sterling’s background checks inaccurately suggested that the subject of the background check was transient and moved frequently between addresses. Towards Justice represents the plaintiffs with co-counsel Berger Montague and the Terrell Marshall Law Group, PLLC.

Case Documents

Press Release

4/15/2017 Colorado Worker Files Class Action Lawsuit Alleging that Careless Backgroound Checks Harm Tens of Thousands of Workers Nationwide


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Fighting Systemic Wage Theft and Discrimination: Solis v. The Circle Group

Workers at SkyHouse Denver filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of construction workers nationwide alleging a pattern of wage theft and discrimination at construction sites around the country. Workers accuse Defendants of systematic exploitation by refusing to pay workers for all of the hours they work, refusing to pay overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week, and pervasive sex and race discrimination that results in Latina female workers being paid less while performing harder and more dangerous work than other employees. Plaintiffs settled the case in 2017, recovering over $800,000 for the class.  Towards Justice represented the plaintiffs with co-counsel Lowrey Parady LLP.

Case Documents


Order Denying Motion to Dismiss

Motion for Final Approval

Press Release

6/2/2016 Construction Workers Allege Stolen Wages and Pervasive Discrimination at SkyHouse Denver and Across the Country


12/20/2017 Denver construction workers recover more than $800,000 after facing wage theft discrimination

12/20/2017 Workers who hung drywall at SkyHouse Denver receive $800K wage settlement

12/20/2017 Workers, advocates celebrate settlements in SkyHouse Denver wage case

6/13/2016 A Handful of Apparently Misclassified Workers Illustrate Big State Problem

6/8/2016 Lawsuit accuses Denver builders of wage theft, sexual harassment and racism

6/2/2016 Denver Construction Workers Allege Wage Theft

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Our litigators help workers advance legal claims that address systemic injustice. We use antitrust, anti-slavery, fraud, wage-and-hour, and common-law challenges to address the wide variety of practices that nickel-and-dime low-wage workers out of their hard-earned wages. We have represented a hundred thousand childcare workers alleging wage suppression, tens of thousands of immigrant detainees alleging forced labor, and hundreds of construction workers, shepherds, manicurists, janitors, and kitchen hood cleaners. We are leaders in challenging anti-competitive practices that reduce worker bargaining power and support marginalized people who challenge structural impediments to their advancement.

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